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Some 30 years ago Beth and I began dreaming about building our own home. First, it was out of rammed earth – but that was for the desert. Then it was underground – but water leaking in was a problem. Finally we began researching straw bales, and realized:

  • SB homes are quiet, beautiful and incredibly fireproof
  • They have a “natural core” – wood, straw and stone
  • They help the environment by sequestering carbon in the walls
  • Houses very similar to SB have been lived in for 1000+ years
  • They are ideal for energy conservation (super insulated) and can be taken completely off-grid using a combination of HW & PV solar

In fact, our goal for Chenoweth East is a home that will bless our descendants and others for 300+ years. Will you consider helping us build it? Here is what we offer:

  • The chance to help build a Natural Core home, even for an hour or two, which we believe will last for centuries
  • Free drinks and snacks, a shelter to sit and rest in the shade and the chance to learn new skills
  • Every helper gets a small gift to take home, plus a permanent record of their participation in a special book which will stay with the house

If you can come for an hour or a day, it doesn’t matter – your support is what counts. If you’re interested, click here for a way to contact us.

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