Plumbers and Electricians

The good news is that I (Ted) still have hair. That’s because I haven’t pulled all of it out while trying to find licensed plumbers and electricians who will actually show up! After a small amount of work our first plumber quit. We are still waiting on a corrected bid from the 2nd plumber. After seven different tries, we got an electrician to sign a contract… which was almost 2 months ago, and they haven’t really started yet. But — WE NEED THEM!! In straw bale construction, the wiring must go into the walls before the plaster goes on, and we are plastering now (see next post). This pic is a taste of how creative I have been forced to be so that the wiring can be done in the outside walls after much of the plaster in on. I have had bad dreams about this; I am inventing new ways to wire after plaster; what could go wrong? Don’t ask. 😛

We believe, by faith, that COVID-19, lowest ever interest rates (causing an explosion in new construction) and the unique (weird) features of Chenoweth East won’t stop us from finding the subcontractors we need. The right ones are out there — we just have to find them!

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