Windows and Doors

May we be honest with you? When you build your house … which assumes that your marriage is solid and you are a little bit insane … make sure you install your windows at the right time. Why? Well… let’s back up for a minute. We were all excited over a year ago, picked out some of the best, most long-lasting windows you can buy and had them delivered to our new home. Which had no walls – just a foundation and roof. To protect them, we had them installed, thinking we would have the walls up quickly, the space closed in and we would be able to “condition” it (with space heaters, if need be) during the winter. No. Over a year went by and apparently the casement windows we got don’t like being in the heat and cold. Five of them wouldn’t shut & latch properly (including the one you see above). Nightmare ensued. After a lot of finder-pointing, all the fingers came back to me (Ted) and now I had to fix them. Finally, after weeks of trial and error, I know a lot about installing Pella windows. All but one now latch properly, and I’ll get that one, too.

For the doors, we got smart. A professional Amish carpenter installed them.

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