Roofing in progress
Roofers at work

As the weather got colder, it was clear that we would need to wait until spring to start installing the strawbale walls. Our more immediate need was to get the final roof on… which became it’s own challenge. From Nov. thru Jan., this is what we have been working on:

  • We had always wanted a metal roof, but after much soul-searching and research, decided it would take too long and cost too much. Beth opted for the bluest shingle roof she could find, and it went on in December on some of the few sunny days we had.
  • Instead of a metal roof, Beth decided to build her dream kitchen. Yes, there are only strawbales stacked in the space now, but great things are planned. She has hired a consultant and is getting custom bids now. It’s going to have lots of blue, and be awesome 😉
  • T-Mobile has a cell tower next to our woods, and the closest transformer is beside it. Getting a power line to our home has been a challenge, involving the neighbor’s law firm & KU to get an easement. No trench yet – it’s taken this long just to get permission!
  • Fortunately, we will be able to get fixed wireless internet from the same company we have now … but I will need to build another tower at the end of our driveway.
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  1. Lloyd ( Rusty ) McKenzie says:

    Being a plasterer ,we have a really Awesome abilities rol temps while working in the winter months, it really is a fool proof system and allows us to control drying during freezing temps I will say this we’ve had to stay overnight before just something we got to do if you want to eat

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