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Lots of Progress!

Since our last post in March, so much has happened! First of all, we now have underground power from a pole on our neighbor’s land to a transformer just inside the treeline near our NE porch. It hums… it is … Continue reading

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Junk in the pipes – before/after

In previous posts I described the process (and hassle) of cleaning out the pipes which the crossing is built on. Since doing that, the pictures nearby represent the highest the creek has gotten since then. In point of fact, in … Continue reading

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Found a claw

After roughly 10 tries last week, we found an excavator with a claw (the grabber thing above the bucket in the picture). It got the crossing cleaned out! Since then, the creek has been happy, and we’re moving forward… Notice … Continue reading

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We Need a Claw!

…with a backhoe attached to it. That’s because the creek keeps cutting the ends of our crossing out every time the water gets high, and before we can fix it we need the culverts cleared of debris. See? We think … Continue reading

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Dig ready? – not – yet…

Weather (wet) and paperwork (govt.) have combined, and we have missed our goal… but we’ll keep at it. In the meantime, here’s our site plan. Notice the shaded area around the creek at the upper part of the diagram – … Continue reading

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